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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How to Use Huskar in World of Warcraft

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Huskar has a very good lane control by early game, having damaging, harassing skill as well as inner vitality which can heal him a lot. Plus, can switch him to play any character either tanker, assassin and semi-support.


  1. At the beginning of the game DO NOT GET FIRE ARROWS.
    • The only skills you are going to use at level 1-11 are Berserkers Blood, Life Break and Stat Attribute. After 11 or so you should be getting the heal once your hp reaches past 1300~.
    • Why not get heal at the start, the heal won't be helpful at all since you don't have much strength. I choose stats because it gives you more HP at the start as well as damage which is extremely useful for this build.
  2. Catch Armlet of Mordiggian as first item. starting game u may buy blade of attack + 1 tanggo.
  3. Farm mid lane and try to maintain a half hp.
  4. After finish armlet you may roam or be a killer already.
  5. When at war, make sure that when hp already 1/10 then click at armlet and pawn all of the enemy.
  6. Mid item You might try blademail/lifesteal/basher/yasha/critical.. it depends on the situation.
  7. Late game complete satanic/heart/ buriza/complete new item (basher _ relic)/manta/assault.


  • Make sure the hero that you choose can cover your team examples if your teammate choose all melee hero, you may choose range hero.
  • In pub game all people most like to play farm. in this situation you may train your skill by roam and help your teammate to farm and kill. by this you might gain strategy skill and you are ready to play draft..


  • care for a stunner... if other team got many stunner, try build bkb n manta as soon as possible

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